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Acacia Pharma is a commercially driven specialty pharmaceutical group, focused on the development and commercialisation of new treatments for the supportive care of patients with debilitating conditions arising as a consequence of surgery, cancer or cancer treatment.

The Company has identified important and commercially attractive unmet needs in supportive care and has developed a pipeline of patented, late-clinical-stage product candidates to meet those needs.

Acacia Pharma has retained full rights to commercialise all its product candidates in key territories and plans to sell them directly in the US through its own commercial operations. Acacia Pharma intends to establish licensing and/or distribution agreements with selected pharmaceutical partners outside the US.

The Group’s pipeline has been generated by repurposing drugs already marketed for other uses that have biological properties appropriate for their development as patented products for supportive care.

Acacia Pharma has a management team with extensive experience in the drug repurposing and the development and commercialisation of specialty and supportive care pharmaceutical products.

The Group was founded in 2007 and is based in Cambridge, UK with US operations in Indianapolis.